Best Ways to Decide Which Tyre To Buy


When you buy a vehicle, there are a number of factors you consider. Right from accessories to types of equipment, every single thing somehow contributes to your driving experience. In recent times it is thoroughly observed that buyers are putting more efforts on safety measures. Right from the airbags to tyres, every single thing is duly considered before moving forth. When it comes to deciding which tyre to prefer obviously, the choice is influenced by a lot of many factors.

Usually, the replacement schedule may fall anywhere between 40,000-70,000 kilometres, depending upon the kind of vehicle you drive be it car or SUV. But, the million dollar question is that, when you decide to replace your car tyres, what all options are open for you?

Here are some of the parameters that can help you determine the vehicle tyre that you must opt for.

Pricing – Budget constraints are no new thing and obviously, you do not want to spend a fortune on mere tyres. There are brands that offer you reliable tyres that too at cheaper rates. However, you should always make it a point to consider the reviews of the buyers before taking the deal ahead.

Performance-oriented – If you are an extensive highway runner looking for performance, then you can opt for a unidirectional tread pattern, which reduces road noise and provides you with an optimum surface grip.

Level of comfort – Yet another parameter to consider is the level of comfort. If this is something that tops the list for you then you should not go for any low profile tyre. When you believe that your level of comfort is your ultimate priority, going for high-end tyres definitely makes much sense.

Seasonal factor – Good grip is essential, especially if you live in a monsoon prone area. Hence, while buying a tyre consider the seasonal factor. You are most likely to drive in which season and so on. You can keep summer tyres on the car all year round, but you may wish to consider winter tyres or all-season tyres for optimum performance.

Terrain – This is yet another important factor that influences your choice of tyre. You might be an amazing driver but you also require a good tyre to hold the grip properly on an uneven terrain. In case you are someone who is much into adventure and love driving off road, then consider this key factor while deciding upon the tyre.

Check the size- The size of tyre determines the strength of the vehicle’s grip. However, depending upon the brand and product category, the availability of tyre’s size is certainly going to differ. To illustrate, the tyre’s size of a purchased or pre-owned Mercedes won’t be similar to that of an SUV. Thus, considering this differentiating factor, check the size of tyre in centimeters.

Lifelong durability – The demand for durable tires is often profession-centric requirement like garbage trucks or trucks transporting goods often prioritize durability of tyres over comfort. Perhaps, some B2B businesses even purchase used garbage truck for sale and deconstruct them to reuse their tyres owning to their durability and longevity.

Thus, to conclude, we hope there won’t be any more confusion in finding the right tyre for your vehicle.