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For some corporations in today’s time, having a proper software development partner is highly imperative to have smooth functioning of the various business activities and ensure that the cent percent efficiency is attained. But having the best partner requires the company to contact the best problem solvers, and this is where companies likevelvetech come into action. The article discusses further on it in detail.

About the company

Velvetech is one of the well-known brands when it comes to developing business and technology solutions for the budding client base like start-ups, SMEs and like such. The team of 70+ individuals in this company includes a wide diversity of the developers, analysts, project managers and support team readily assisting in all of the aspects of the business. With the prime value of customer satisfaction, the brand ensures that it always delivers the client-oriented solutions at the cheapest of prices and within the specified deadlines.

The major services offered

The following enlist the major services offered by Velvetech to the emerging companies and start-ups: –

  • Enterprise Software Development that renders the best version of the software for optimal business performance and hence aids in meeting in line with the company’s goals and specifications. The major aspects of the same include custom enterprise software development, software integration, and customization as per the client’s requirements.
  • Web application development that brings into implementation the use of sophisticated platforms and web applications for boosting the overall productivity and enhancing the overall economic growth goal set up by the brand. The range of solutions under this differs from cybersecurity to improvisation of the existing IT structure.
  • Mobile development that includes development of apps and website solutions for the platform of mobiles that include for the Android, iOS, Windows and different cross platforms possible.
  • .NET development, which follows the model of fixed cost variable scope model for regular development of the product of the business and is more oriented towards the in-house enhancement of the productivity. The team of experienced professionals always strive to work for delivering the best kinds of solutions.
  • IoT development services, that includes the development of various AI-based platforms for enhanced working, since the former is the gaining momentum of today’s time and hence integrates smart design with the data analytics.
  • Blockchain services, which is a recent addition for the brand with the motto of developing a decentralized network-based cryptocurrency for smooth transactions.

The reasons for choosing

With all of the services mentioned above, the following enlist the different reasons for which one should choose Velvetech for its services: –

  • Having a wide range of different services for the upcoming start-ups and SMEs to have their smooth functioning
  • Using modern and top-notch methodologies for delivering the high-end results
  • Having a skilled and experienced team set to work as per the expectations of the clients
  • Delivering all of the solutions in the least possible cost
  • Holding a good number of client base and recommendations from the past customers

Thus, all of the content together sum upon the reliability of Velvetech for its services towards the upcoming start-ups.